Senior Credit Risk Manager

Job Title
Senior Credit Risk Manager ("SCRM") - Consumer and SMB Analytics
WebBank Consumer/SMB product line overview
WebBank is a leading provider of national consumer and small to medium business ("SMB") private-label and bank card financing programs.  Product offerings include:
Job Description Summary
The SCRM will report to the Chief Credit Officer ("CCO").  The SCRM will work with the CCO and other disciplines within the Bank to ensure that the Bank's Credit Policies for its consumer and SMB products are capably designed and appropriately administered in full compliance with all WebBank requirements.  The SCRM, working with the CCO, will be responsible for managing the formation of and changes to these policies in collaboration with other applicable stakeholders.  The SCRM along with the CCO will present these policies and any changes or updates to the Bank Loan Committee for review and approval.  The SCRM will review and evaluate credit and fraud scorecards, portfolio performance, and customer collections as well as servicing functions related to credit, both before and after product implementation.  The SCRM will provide the analytical support for evaluating, developing, and in coordination with the CCO, recommending asset hold strategies.  In addition, the SCRM will work with internal and external resources to develop and redevelop scorecards and credit requirements necessary to support the Bank's consumer and SMB credit programs.  The SCRM will engage in various other credit and compliance activities as directed by the CCO and Chief Compliance Officer (CO).
This position involves analyzing, evaluating and reporting on the Bank's consumer and SMB credit activities.  The SCRM will support due diligence on new products including the documentation of credit product performance, credit portfolio characteristics and the evaluation of the credit discipline and methodologies deployed for new targeted lending opportunities under consideration by the Bank.  The SCRM will be responsible for documenting, recommending and presenting conclusions to the Bank Loan Committee.  The SCRM will collaborate with the CCO, CO and the Bank's Executive Management team to develop a standardized reporting format for ongoing presentation to the Bank Loan Committees, audits and examinations.  The SCRM will assist with the development and continued enhancement of bank-wide and product-specific risk assessments, credit policies and procedures.  The SCRM will perform ongoing monitoring of credit practices to ensure products are in full compliance with applicable credit policies.
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