Senior Credit Administrator

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Senior Credit Administrator


Salt Lake City, UT

WebBank (the "Bank") is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is an FDIC-insured, state-chartered industrial bank that provides customized consumer and commercial financing solutions on a nationwide basis.
Job Description Summary

The Senior Credit Administrator reports directly to the Chief Credit Officer and is responsible for all assigned credit analysis and administration functions related to the Bank's programs where any aspect of commercial credit risk exits.  The Senior Credit Administrator's primary responsibility is to support the SSLP process by performing the credit administration review of new and existing credits ensuring that financial ratios and other analyses are accurately completed by the assigned underwriter/account officer and that the materials presented to the Loan Committee are accurate and reflect the credit risk of the credits.  The Administrator also supports the Strategic Partnership Group by completing the financial underwriting and monitoring of existing and prospective Strategic Partners.  Finally, the administrator will perform credit monitoring of the Bank's legacy commercial loan portfolio and will underwrite new commercial credit opportunities as applicable.

  • Underwrite/review new commercial credit transactions in accordance with the Banks credit policies, and recommend conforming requests to the Loan Committee.
  • Review loan documentation for approved commercial credit transactions to ensure terms are consistent with those approved by the Loan Committee.
  • Work with legal and other outside providers to make certain a loan is closed as approved by management, in a timely manner, and that the Banks security interest is properly perfected
  • Work with other departments within the Bank to ensure new commercial credit transactions are properly boarded onto the Banks loan servicing system.
  • On-going monitoring of existing commercial transaction to ensure compliance with all approved terms, conditions and applicable covenants (both financial and reporting, etc.).
  • Timely, accurate and effective communication to management of any potential material risks associated with existing commercial credits in the portfolio, including a recommendation for the appropriate course of action if warranted.
  • Ensure that the LQR assigned to each commercial credit is accurate and based on the most recent information available to the Bank.
  • Oversee the preparation of the appropriate reports and forms used to communicate the current states of commercial credits (both performing and non-performing) to management.
  • Thorough understanding of the Banks credit policy, which includes making sure that the structure of each commercial credit transaction (at the time of underwriting, and on an on-going basis) is in conformity with policy, and / or policy exceptions are noted and reported as required by policy.
  • Make certain that the underlying value of all collateral is current and reliable, particular for commercial credits determined to be a special mention or substandard.
  • Assist management in the calculation of reserves associated with the commercial loan portfolio.
  • Responsible to ensure that working loan files are current (all necessary information is present), organized (in the format required by policy), and in a presentable manner at all times.
  • Responsible for contacting commercial borrowers in order to obtain necessary information.
  • Responsible for contacting commercial borrowers if a payment becomes delinquent.
  • Successfully be able to restructure or liquidate special mention and/or substandard commercial credits w/in an acceptable time period.
  • Assist management with other responsibilities as needed.   
Position Requirements
  • 5 plus years of commercial banking experience, particular underwriting and monitoring all aspects of large, complex commercial loan transactions.
  • Strong understanding of accounting, financial statement analysis and business valuation methods (solid analytical skills).
  • Proficient communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • High level working knowledge of software; Excel, Word, etc.
  • Ability to work w/ outside service providers (legal counsel, auditors, examiners, appraisers, etc.).
  • Working knowledge of the regulatory environment.
  • Proactive, precise, highly motivated and able to adapt and thrive within the Bank's credit culture.
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