Asset Based Lending and Factoring

The financing needs of businesses can vary considerably depending upon time in business, sales volumes, payment delays, etc. and SBA and USDA loans will not always represent the best financing structure. 

To meet a wide range of business financing needs, WebBank additionally offers asset based lending products and receivables factoring. These products enable businesses to obtain the type of financing they require at various stages of their life cycle.

Working Capital Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of WebBank, can help "Turn ON" your company's cash flow by converting your accounts receivable into cash within 24 hours (after initial account approval). Whether you're a high-growth start-up, a thriving mature business or currently experiencing financial difficulties, WCS can help. Every business has cash flow challenges at one time or another, even when sales are booming. And these can cause business owners and financial officers many a sleepless night. WCS provides a fast, safe and secure cash flow that you can rely on to grow at the same pace as your sales.

The WCS advantages are:


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