National Financing Programs

WebBank, under the management of the Bank's Strategic Partnership Group, is a leading provider of national revolving and closed-end financing programs.

The Bank originates and funds primarily consumer and commercial (small to medium size business) private-label (closed-loop network) and bank card (i.e. MasterCard/Visa) programs. The following is a high-level breakdown of product offerings that are supported by the Bank:


Private-Label: Customized private-label financing programs that are branded for a specific retailer, manufacturer, dealer channel, or proprietary network.




Bank Card: Branded products under the Bank's principal bank card association membership. The bank card products are open-loop and can be utilized to purchase goods and services at participating merchants that accept the association's network (i.e. MasterCard Worldwide Network).


Alternative Payment Products: The Strategic Partnership Group structures and originates alternative financing products that traditionally do not fall within the Private-Label or Bank Card definitions.

 If you are interested in finding out more about WebBank's national lending platform for both consumer and commercial financing programs, please provide the following information along with a brief description of the opportunity to