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Deposit FAQs

Is WebBank FDIC insured?

Yes, WebBank is FDIC insured. For more information visit

What is WebBank’s routing number?

WebBank’s routing number is 124384589.

What is WebBank’s mailing address?

215 State St. Suite 1000
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Can I mail in a check to add funds to my account?

WebBank offers two convenient ways to add funds your account; Electronic Funds Transfer or Wire Transfer. Unfortunately, WebBank does not accept check deposits.

Are there any maintenance fees associated with my account?

Your WebBank account does not accrue any monthly or annual fees. However, remember that withdrawing funds early from your time deposit account may incur an early withdrawal penalty.

When and how is my interest paid?

Interest is compounded daily and pays on the last business day of each month.

How long is the grace period on my Time Deposit?

You have 10 calendar days from when your time deposit matures to withdraw funds without a penalty. You may also deposit more funds to your time deposit during this time.