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What do we do for you?

  • Monitor transactions and other activity
  • Enforce layered security to ensure access is properly restricted to your account information
  • Deploy antivirus protection to keep our computer systems virus-free
  • Implement firewalls to help block unauthorized access to your information on our systems
  • Require Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to create a secure browser connection to prevent interception
  • Secure messaging portal for communications
  • Apply Automatic sign-out of your secure session after a period of inactivity

What can you do?

  • Use a secure browser, compliant with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) standards by looking for the small padlock at the bottom right of your browser window and a URL that begins with https ("s" for secure).
  • Be wary of emails that may appear to be from your bank but are really from criminals trying to lure you to a fake website to get your personal information. Never click on embedded links if you are suspicious; instead, type the URL directly into the browser or contact your bank to verify the authenticity of the email.
  • Always check to see that you have typed the correct website address for your bank before conducting your transaction. Beware of copycat websites that deliberately use a similar name to trick you into disclosing personal information.
  • Watch out for pop-up windows asking for personal information or warning of a virus.